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ajnabi ([personal profile] ajnabi) wrote2014-08-23 10:50 pm
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this is a really important archive

this journal is so much of my life from 2010 going backwards. must save forever!

for anyone who may be interested in getting to know me~ feel free to leave a comment here, and/or check out my journal from 2011 to early 2013, and/or ask for my current dreamwidth & more active blogs and sites.

i was very active on tumblr from 2010 to 2012-13, and i still post there sometimes though many of my old tumblrs are gone now. i hope to use the backups to add to my 2011+ dreamwidth archive mentioned above, though that's a huge task and who knows when and if i'll even begin.

these days i mostly post on facebook, honestly. i'm trying to get to a point where i blog more actively again, but i don't know if that'll happen. i wish i was as brave as i once used to be.

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